What Makes a Great Real Estate Agent?

By Bill Ligety
Dec 01, 2021








December 1, 2021

What makes a great agent?

In this market people often assume ‘real estate is easy’ with buyers buying and sellers selling. Some say It seems the trail of buyers keeps coming to our mountain town, and sellers are naming their price and putting the house up for sale. It is not always like that, and Bill and I would argue that in a ’strong sellers market’ it is easy to be a successful realtor.
While there are many transactions occurring, the stakes are high for buyers and sellers, and we care deeply about the results with each Seller and Buyer we choose to represent.
So back to the question, What makes a great agent?
1) connections. We must maintain great working relationships with other agents in the market place. Working collaboratively allows us to learn about new listings or inside data on sales which are not otherwise obvious. Knowledge is power and having these details allows our sellers and buyers to make calculated and educated decisions for a home purchase or sale.
2) market knowledge. Not just what’s available, but what the possibilities are. In a market where we have very little standing invenorty at a given time, deep knowledge of the kinds of properties that exist in various areas becomes exponentially more important. In the past we could show buyers homes to help them see what is out there and what exists, for them to compare and contrast options. Now, we dont have that as a tool any longer. Instead we must rely on hte years of experience and insight as the backdrop of basis of education.
3) navigating the marketing and sales process. We are experts trained to help a seller and a buyer navigate smoothly and swiftly in Park City nd Deer Valley Real estate. We have lists of recommended vendors to call on, movers to help us in a pinch, and photographers and videographers on staff to make our properties shine.
4) staffing.  Our office has a staffing ratio of 1 staff member to support every 4 agents. This might not be something a prospective buyer or seller would think of, but if you consider what your Real Estate agent must do to be providing top notch services, having support staff to work on paperwork and manage back of house details allows us to focus on the client needs, finding the ideal property or studying market data and attending open houses, connecting with associates and be focused on selling our listings. If we are bogged down sitting behind a desk all day, we aren’t offering our buyers or sellers the very best we can.
5) communication. This is such an important aspect of our jobs. We must be able to effectively understand from Sellers and Buyers what is important to them in a search or sales process. Timing, financial goals, expectations of the process, and details once we have targets a desired home for purchase or strategy for selling.
6) execution.. We work year round to be ready to ‘jump’! This market is active and fluid. We must we on our toes and ready to shift at a moments notice. Being agile not only helps us find great opportunities for our buyers, but it allows us to act swiftly and follow our processes when we are working hard to meet a goal for  a client.
7) network. We have the privilege of working with the backing of a Luxury and world renown brand, Sotheby’s International Realty. In or office you will frequently hear us say “luxury is not a price point”, which is true. It is a an experience you get when working with us. We have a very strong track record of sales and happy clients, which we are so grateful for.

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